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Lewisham News


Police Harass Disabled Single Mother

Debbie Priestly - Bullied by Social Services & "Childcare Professionals"

Lewisham Council Unfairly Dismiss Disabled Employee & Attempt to Fix Tribunal

Surveillance State Comes to Lewisham

The Met Gone Mad - Meet Enid, the
Not-Dangerous Dog

Jim Dowd MP - Useless Eater

Lewisham LINk - A Toothless Lion?

"Safeguarding" = Spying on your Children

Lewisham Council Make ££££ from
Putting Phone Masts on Social Housing

How to Deal With Social Services

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National News

The Others - Being Harassed by The State for Knowing the Truth

Sir Jimmy Savile, VIP Paedophilie Rings & Satanic Ritual Abuse

Paedophiles in Parliament
& Institutional Child Sexual Abuse

Corruption in the Police

E-Petitions - Creating the Lie of "Democracy"

A Beginner's Guide to the Global Conspiracy

Brian Gerrish - Disinformation Agent
& Military Intelligence Shill?

Charity Begins at Home for Disabled Parents Network


Truth Leaflets

Available in PDF format. You have my express permission to download, copy & distribute:

A4 booklet about Jimmy Savile and My Story
A4 flyer about Lewisham Council and Jimmy Savile
A5 Truth flyer about Jimmy Saville (with thanks to another truther for the text)

External Links

Aangirfan - blog about paedophile rings and Truth topics.
Labour25 - paedophiles within the Labour party.
Revolution Harry - good blog.

The Big Guns in the Truth Movement

Please be aware that these people are "allowed" to pursue their Truth agenda for certain political reasons. It is a device of the establishment to provide 'controlled opposition' whereby should a revolution occur, those who become the new establishment are already corrupt. Which means to say that these people may not be all that they seem to be. Those of us on a lower level trying to expose the Truth live with a constant level of harassment which prevents us functioning effectively - e.g. not being able to upload videos to YouTube, a current problem of mine.

It also seems to be common for these people to talk about things which are not quite so credible, rather than what they have concrete evidence of. This includes lizards, alien bases on the moon and so on. But the best lies are very close to the Truth... before you go and visit these web sites, please read this article from the Revolution Harry blog.

David Icke - conspiracy "theory" is no longer a theory. Forget the lizards, read the rest.
Infowars - Alex Jones is a sensationalist, but a lot of what he says is valid.
UK Column - Brian Gerrish's effort. I would like to warn readers than Brian is not entirely what he claims to be and is less than helpful to actual victims of child abuse and Social Services malpractice. However, he has a lot of videos which tell the truth about what is going on.

To read about my megalithic discoveries, please visit Singing to the Stones.