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Paedophiles in Parliament & Institutional Child Sex Abuse

People's Hero Tom Watson MP

In October 2012, MP Tom Watson asked the Prime Minister for an inquiry into a paedophile ring connected with No.10 under a previous administration. This was during the Thatcher era when Peter Righton (PPS) was convicted of importing and possessing child pornography. Tom claimed that the evidence has not been properly examined. In response to this, the police opened Operation Fairbank, a scoping exercise which turned into Operation Fernbridge. It was some while later, I realised LABOUR MP Tom "People's Hero" Watson's motives for digging up a primarily CONSERVATIVE child sex scandal. Just at a time when a web site about paedophiles in the Labour party was becoming popular -

Since the story broke, we have heard about two scandals where children from "Care" Homes were abused. One was the Bryn Estyn boy's home in Wales, where children were taken off-site to various locations and abused by various people, including VIPs.

The other has been the Elm Guest House scandal, where boys in the care of Richmond Council were abused by guests - allegedly including; Leon Brittan, Cliff Richard, Anthony Blunt, numerous MI5 personnel and staff of the Royal family. This list made Twitter, following the publication of a series of photographs of handwritten notes about the case. Christopher Fay and Mary Moss, of the defunct NAYPIC (National Association of Young People in Care) put the notes online.

A National Shame

We have had many inquiries into sexual abuse in Children's Homes in this country, the most famous being the Waterhouse Inquiry, "Lost in Care". Despite the many accusations made about children being taken out of homes and used at sex parties attended by the great and "good", nothing ever seems to come of the enquiries. The only convictions are those connected directly with the homes, or other local small-fry. The reasons are numerous. With the Waterhouse Inquiry, the high profile abusers names were not allowed to be reported in the media. A lot of secrecy surrounded the inquiry, as Guardian journalist Nick Davies wrote at the time. As usual, the "senior freemason" and political figures involved somehow melted away. This is proof of just how dreadfully corrupt our world really is.

Keith Gregory (victim of abuse in Welsh children's home Bryn Estyn) talked to Nicki Campbell on 5 Live, 6 November 2012. Towards the end of the interview he mentioned that ALL of the high-ranking men who abused the boys were FREEMASONS. The Waterhouse Inquiry also mentioned this, but concluded it was incidental i.e. irrelevant.


There have also been inquiries into similar situations in Staffordshire, Jersey, South Wales and so on. Barbara Richards, survivor of the Staffordshire "Pindown" Scandal states the same, that children's homes were not only physically abusing the children in their care, but pimping them out to "clients" of all sorts.

For proof that this is a national scandal, see the map below, compiled by the wonderful people at UK Paedos Exposed. This is based on Children's Care Homes where a paedophile has been convicted of sexually abusing the children. As you can see, there are a great many homes, in locations ALL OVER THE UK. Imagine how many there would be were the VIP abusers also convicted. Unfortunately the police have many times covered up for the great and the good who abused these poor children. There are examples of police covering up for paedophiles, either because THEY themselves are paedophiles, or they are friends of those who are.

View Ring tracker in a larger map.

There is also some evidence to suggest that the abuse may be Satanic or Ritual Abuse based. This article in The Mirror, 19 January 2013 reports that MP Cyril Smith had connections with a Satanist by the name of Michael Horgan. Cyril Smith has also been linked with the Elm Guest House, according to this article in The Independent, 27 January 2013. Since the Jimmy Savile story broke, there have been several newspaper articles and a blog linking him to a Satanic paedophile ring. Interestingly there are similar tales of Garda in Ireland covering up paedophiles and Satanic abuse. See this newspaper front page from the Irish Daily Mirror.

Victim's Testimonies & Blogs

Here are some testimonies from sufferers of Institutional Child Sexual Abuse:

James Reeves - Abused in the South of England.

Outlaw - Jimmy Jones' blog, who was a victim of CSA in North Wales.

2 February 2013, The Mirror - Testimony of a victim of the Elm Guest house scandal.

(As a caveat, may I just say I take no responsibility for the accuracy of these testimonies. They are passed to me and written by survivors and I merely host them. If you want to sue me, go ahead. I have no money anyway!)

This pattern of abuse is not just limited to the UK, either. The paedophile rings are international. There are many cases similar to Casa Pia, in Portugal. Casa Pia was a state-run children's home where the inhabitants were pimped out to rich and famous paedophiles. This included some very high-up politicians, many of whom mysteriously dodged charges.

There were also allegations in the Dutroux case (Belgium) that police and politicians were involved in a cover-up and were, in fact, members of the same paedophile ring. Below is the first in a series of videos available on YouTube about paedophilia in France where the children concerned knew of each other through the Zandvoort network. It has English subtitles. It gives some useful information about the Satanic element of the abuse, as one of the children talks about the strange clothes the abusers wore (ritualistic robes).


The Aangirfan blog containing many articles about Savile, paedophile rings and their criminal / political connections:

The Labour25 web site about paedophiles within the Labour party. Let's not be biased about this, they are in ALL parties, just as Freemasons are in all walks of life (doctors, police, council etc): - UK Paedos Exposed.