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Lewisham Council - Phone Masts on Social Housing

Lewisham Council has mobile phone masts on many of its properties, some being office blocks where there are large numbers of employees, but also on social housing. The masts are on housing blocks in Lee, Lewisham, Catford and many other areas. The negative effect on human health does not appear to be a consideration to the council. As usual, they are more interested in making money and most likely there are some fat back-handers involved for those striking deals with phone operators.

Over the last week or so theTruth has lent an EMF meter to residents in an undisclosed tower block in the borough. Although this meter is not specifically designed to measure emissions from phone masts, a significant amount of electromagnetic pollution was found in the flats on the top level of the housing block. The manual states that 20 nT is the ideal measurement for human health and measurements between 150-205 nT were recorded at the property over a period of 7 days. We would like to call for regular testing by the council of emissions from the masts with more sophisticated meters and for shielding to be installed to protect the health of the residents.

The negative effects of phone masts are being hushed-up by the greedy mobile phone industry for whom they mean big money. Electromagnetic energy is a form of radiation, which is why stories are appearing in the press about "cancer clusters" where residents are developing serious and potentially life-threatening illnesses as a result of living near phone masts. This article in The Daily Mail from 13 September 2007 is one of many on the subject. Seven residents on the top floor of the "Tower of Doom" developed cancer and 3 died from the disease.

We have issued a Freedom of Information Request to Lewisham Council asking them how much money they make on an annual basis from siting the masts on their properties. We have also asked what consideration they give to residents' health.

A copy of the request is available here. We will let you know when we receive a reply.

UPDATE: 20 February 2013. Lewisham Council replied in good time to inform me that they make
£318,309 per year from renting the roof space on the top of residential housing. I somewhat doubt this figure (too low?) but obviously I have no way of confirming that it is correct.