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The Others

Since doubtless some people will find our story of life harassed by the authorities to be far-fetched, I present to you "The Others". The Modus Operandi of those in high places is as follows and closely remembers techniques used by the former Soviet Union to silence dissenters.

Psikhushka - get the victim referred to a psychiatrist, or better still, sectioned and falsely diagnosed as "mentally ill". With RIPA laws, they can do what they are doing to me and make it impossible to prove, making me look crazy. Our beloved establishment is using this tactic to silence whistleblowers as this article in The Telegraph, 15 August 2012 shows. A whistleblower from the Care Quality Commission was subjected to a Mental Health Assessment.

False Criminal Charges - many victims of this harassment end up arrested FOR harassment, either entirely falsely or because they get so (understandably) frustrated.

Beauracracy - tie the victim up in litigation and other paperwork, so they are exhausted financially, emotionally and physically by court cases.

Steal Children - or threaten to.


Sharon Kilby - Harassed by her ex-husband who had friends in high places. The Police, Social Services and Courts were only too pleased to help him. Sharon must also have had warrants issued against her, as her mail has arrived opened. Read her harrowing account here. We are also storing a copy of all Sharon's documents as part of a free service we offer to victims. Sharon is also speaking out against "shills" in the Truth movement and other "victims" who are not what they seem. Prompted by a troll on the web site Victims Unite, Sharon wrote this report.

Maureen Spalek

Maureen Spalek - Her former partner was a freemason and when they divorced, her life turned into a Kafkaesque struggle where she lost custody of her children, two to Social Services despite courts saying she is an "excellent mother". Hospitals, Social Services, the Courts and Police were complicit. Maureen has been harassed by police and arrested for sending a birthday card to her son. Like so many in these situations it is SHE who has been accused of harassment and being "mentally ill".


Diane Taylor - Whose nightmare started following an argument with well-connected neighbours. She was arrested on false harassment charges. A corrupt doctor tried to section her. Social Services investigated her for abuse of which she was found to be innocent.


The Thompson family have been victimised by Wallsall Council. The grandparents took care of their 3 grandchildren for a period of 18 months whilst their mother was unwell. During this period, the children thrived. For reasons best known to themselves Wallsall abducted the children into care and the grandparents have been unable to get them back.

Harassment Relating to Protecting Establishment Paedophiles

Barbara Richards - A survivor of the Staffordshire "Pindown" scandal, where not only were children in Social Services care being very cruelly physically disciplined, but also "pimped" out. Barbara has faced years of harassment from Staffordshire police who have threatened her 3 times to stop writing her Zoompad blog. She also suspects she has been the subject of an undercover police investigation. Is this because of what she knows about the perpetrators of institutional child abuse?

Michael Doherty - Reported to police that his 13 year old daughter was being groomed online by a paedophile. Police did nothing. When he insisted they investigate, the police arrested HIM. He has spent 5 years campaigning. Michael describes himself as "targeted" by the Metropolitan Police. He is fighting for justice through the courts, who are deliberately delaying and stalling. They have even falsely accused him of assaulting court staff. Michael is on Facebook and Twitter: @JU5TLAW. Anyone who thinks that the police are remotely interested in arresting their paedophile friends ought to read this article by Spivey and look at the snail's pace the Savile inquiry is going at.

Kate Middleton - Born in the wrong body, Kate attended a boy's boarding school, which she hated. Feeling suicidal, a number of "professionals" entered her life, supposedly to help her. One of these, Dr Deenesh Khoosal, abused his position of trust by sexually assaulting her. Since then she has been the victim of police harassment and various cover-ups by organisations including the GMC.


Maurice Kirk aka "The Flying Vet" - A true free spirit, Maurice has been viciously harassed by police in 3 counties. He is another one that they have stitched up as "mentally ill" due to a completely fabricated brain tumour, which doesn't actually exist. Of course, he knows all about Freemasons, child snatching and is politically active.

Norman Scarth. WWII veteran who was fiercely patriotic before he uncovered corruption in the civil court system. Since then he has been persecuted and was eventually jailed for daring to make a recording of proceedings. The system continues to harass him through the courts and Norman has had to decamp to Ireland for the time being. Please see copies of Norman's documents kept as a backup here.

Police Harassment

Ian Puddick. Ian's wife had an affair with Guy Carpenter from Kroll Insurance, in the City of London. This lead to his discovering a great deal of corruption. Following this, he went through hell with the City of London Police, setting him up for harassment, putting him under surveillance, arresting and assaulting him. He took them to court and his house was mysteriously "burgled" prior to a hearing. The only thing taken was notes for the court case.

Stan Evans. Stan and his family were harassed by their neighbours Sam & Matt Dunlop, both of whom are employed by the police. They accused Stan of stealing their camera, they accused him of harassing the postman. Stan has been cleared of all wrong doing by the courts, but he was still arrested and put through years of hell. Later on, the Dunlops tried their best to close down his web site and accuse him of libel and defamation.

Medical Negligence

Will Powell. Will's son Robert became seriously sick, but despite many visits to the GP they refused to admit him to hospital. Neither did they inform him that adrenal failure was suspected (Addison's Disease - a life-threatening illness which needs prompt treatment). Unfortunately Rob died from this, aged just 10, in April 1990. The GP surgery went into cover-up mode and tried to hide the documents related to the adrenal problem. To complicate matters, when the local police force were asked to investigate, they did so with deliberate incompetence. Will is still fighting for justice. To my horror, the European courts have ruled that it is not illegal for GP's to withhold or fabricate notes. Will tweets as @willcpowell. He also runs a web site:

Yolande Lindridge has suffered many years of persecution from masons. She contracted MRSA following a botched hysterectomy and tried to sue. She went from Business Woman of the Year, to completely bankrupt as her businesses were deliberately sabotaged.

Stan Richardson was victim of an incompetent surgeon, Nikolaos Reissis, who (deliberately?) detached his collar bone in an operation where he was only supposed to repair it. He has been left with his entire right shoulder hanging which causes tremendous stress on his neck. Stan also suffers from arthritis and has had surgeries on his spine. His corrupt GP has refused to refer him back to the hospital... but has also had Stan put on a list of difficult patients, which means he cannot change GP surgeries. This is a case of conspiracy to cover-up medical negligence and prevent a man getting treatment which would help him lead a normal life once again. Nikoloas Reissis, who is so grossly incompetent that a simple operation on a female patient turned into an amputation is STILL working, which tells you all you need to know about how corrupt the GMC (General Medical Council) are. Stan's videos are on YouTube.

Paul Jackman had the wrong stent inserted in his heart during a bungled operation. Paul saw another Consultant at the same hospital, who wrote a report confirming that the mistake had been made and advised him to get a solicitor. Now the hospital is denying that this report exists and refusing to give it to him. He lives in daily pain due to this mistake.

Industrial Accidents & Cover-ups

Leonard Lawrence is one of many pilots and cabin crew poisoned by organo-phosphates released in "fume incidents" on commercial aircraft. Before such cases were officially recognised, the establishment went to great lengths to hide the fact and prevent compensation claims. This lead to Len being wrongly declared as "lacking mental capacity" after which he spent 18 months in a psychiatric institution. During this time he was a ward of the Court of Protection and defrauded of £45K. He now has the correct diagnosis for the neurological damage done by the poisoning and continues to fight for himself and others similarly affected through the courts. His story is on, a site which aims to raise awareness of the issue.

Ray Fox and his family lived in Wokingham Road, Earley, near Reading next to the alleged buried
nuclear reactor on a former Shell petrochemical terminal. Ray's health forced him to leave it 13 years later due to the highest plutonium and uranium contamination ever recorded in Britain. It has been documented that Mr Fox is suffering from radioactivity induced illness. Since leaving the house, he lived in rented accommodation, from which Reading County Court recently evicted him and his stepson - thus making him homeless. Despite winning a case in the European Court he has still to be paid a penny in compensation.

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