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Police Harass Disabled Mother & Four Year Old

Charlie Foulkes in Lewisham Life

Breaking: Lewisham Social Services commence Child Protection Investigation due to a referral from Social Worker Richard Hodgkiss (see below) who has concerns about my "campaign". Could his concerns be related to his embarrassment at being named?

Quick description: I am a disabled single mother being harassed by the Metropolitan Police after speaking my mind about our disgraceful treatment by Lewisham Social Services. The Met have entered our home, caused criminal damage (computers, dishwasher) and stolen items (such as my daughter's Red Book containing evidence of her vaccinations). It is a long story, but basically whilst I was busy promoting the council's Direct Payments system by appearing in Lewisham Life for them, they were secretly investigating me for "unintentional neglect". When I finally got my notes, a Social Worker called Richard Hodgkiss had been "regularly" looking at my Facebook page and at my posts on Disabled Parents Network. When I found out, I sent him and around 500+ of his colleagues (including Mayor Steve Bullock) the email which appears below.

Read a full account of our harassment. The damages are incalculable. Please also see the video below. Do not think involvement with the police is impossible - my former partner has accused me of wanting to abduct our daughter, which is certainly grounds for Social Services and police involvement. Sadly, this is a fabrication on his part. I enjoy travelling but as I am not able to work, do not have the means to live overseas! Please see this document by the National Policing Improvement Agency which tends to support what I have said about our ongoing surveillance and that planning a "Parental Abduction" is grounds for investigation.

Here is the sound file, where I ask my ex permission to travel to various countries with my daughter. Early on he says he is less concerned with where I travel, than with if I intend to come back. This is known as Parental Abduction.

Latest: I have submitted complaints to the IPPC (Independent Police Complaints Commission) and the IPT (Investigatory Powers Tribunal). You may read the IPPC complaint here. I have also contacted a whole list of people who have been no use whatsoever: Kit Malthouse (who has mayoral responsibility for policing in London), Jim Dowd MP, Joan Ruddock MP, Heidi Alexander MP, most local Councillors and all my MEPs.

THE OTHERS: I am not alone in experiencing this harassment, there are others, many of them. More than are prepared to speak out - some cannot. Many have been threatened, jailed, killed, falsely diagnosed as "mentally ill". If you thought the UK was a free country, think again.

Below is a 30 minute video explaining how I came to be under surveillance. Apologises for the poor sound quality. In common with Barbara, my computers are constantly hacked and my software is mangled, including video editing software. I had to get a friend to upload this.

Hopefully you will at least be able to see I am sane enough to speak rationally! The story of Dr George Hibbert, who has been deliberately misdiagnosing women with mental health problems in order to pocket money from Social Services is availble from The Daily Mail, March 2012. It appears that questioning parent's mental health is a very common tactic.

Here is a photo of me taken by my beautiful daughter. I cannot show you a photo of her, because a Senior Social Worker from Lewisham Social Services (Sherry Tagoe) told me off for "involving her in adult agendas". The trouble is, you see, my daughter is up to her neck in it anyway. She suffers as much from this situation as I do. WE live in a house that is under police surveillance. The police break her things too. Our neighbours have been told I am a "risk" to her. Our GP surgery has been told I have serious mental health issues and seem only too willing to fiddle my notes when the police ask them to. This is what happens when you learn the truth of our society. You become a target for every Freemason-ridden organisation that there is.

Below, is the text from the email sent to Social Worker Richard Hodgkiss at Lewisham Council's Children's Services. This email got me into more trouble than I ever imagined, but believe it or not - I am STILL glad I stuck up for myself against these bullies by sending it.

Mr Hodgkiss (you do not deserve to be called "dear")

I am writing with respect to my notes, which I recently got under the
Freedom of Information Act. It has taken the Council over a year to
supply them, which is ILLEGAL. I had to open a case with the
Information Commissioner's Office before they did. Now I know why.

Even though it has been a while since we have met in a professional sense, I feel sure you will remember me, as my notes state that you were REGULARLY visiting my Facebook page. Is this common practice in Social Work, or do you have a special interest in disabled women and their children? As you are not one of my friends, you would have had to have made a special effort to "SEE ME ON THERE OFTEN" (quote).

I am sure the taxpayers of this country would be interested to hear
that their earnings are being spent paying you to surf the net all
day, looking at service user's pages. No wonder you and your
colleagues are often too busy to answer the phone to us, you have far more important things to do. Like looking at my holiday snaps.

I am a disabled single mother, who came to the Council for help. I
battled for 5 months, wrote countless letters and made numerous phone calls before I received any. I did this because I wanted the best for my child. Although government guidance says that disabled parents should be supported by the YOUNG ADULTS team, the Council insisted on involving your department, Children & Families. If I had not agreed to this, we would not have had any care. There is nothing on my notes to suggest that I am anything other than an excellent mother and my daughter has never been considered "at risk". However, your department have been secretly asking our carers to write reports on us. Once again, government guidance has been ignored - guidance which clearly states that service users should be INFORMED if providers are to be contacted.

My daughter and I are not "Baby P" material and we do not deserve to have been treated this way. This is not care, it is surveillance!
Whatever next? Will I find you grubbing about in my wheelie bin late
at night? It is about time this country woke up to the fact that the
biggest abusers of women and children are Social Services. Fortunately Brian Gerrish and other campaigners are doing their best to expose this. Perhaps you can find some time in your heavy work schedule to listen to what is being said about you and your ilk:

[There was a link here to a video of Brian Gerrish talking about "Child Stealing by the State".]

Well Mr Hodgkiss, doubtless I will see you around Catford on that
funny little electric bike of yours. Don't stop and say Hi.

Charlotte Foulkes BA (Hons) MSc PGDip