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Sir Jimmy Savile the Establishment's Favourite Paedophile

Jimmy Savile had friends in high places and friends in low places. An "everyman", if you like. He was the glue that held a lot of bad people together. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so let us look back at the life of Jimmy Savile in photos.

Savile, Peter Sutcliffe (The Yorkshire Ripper) and Frank Bruno

Savile, Ripper, Bruno

This picture is perhaps THE most disturbing you are likely to see. It was taken at Broadmoor, which most people will know is a maximum security mental institution which caters for the criminally insane, such as serial killer Peter Sutcliffe aka The Yorkshire Ripper. At one point Jimmy Savile was actually questionned in connection with the murders and an imprint was made of his teeth to compare with bite marks on the bodies. However, the investigation was handled with the usual police "incompetence" and Sutcliffe was convicted - this despite there being evidence suggesting that more than one killer was involved. Savile's interest in Broadmoor, his being placed there by the GOVERNMENT as an advisor and his bizarre friendship with Peter Sutcliffe are highly suspect. As is the masonic-style handshake shown above. Savile fits the profile of psychopath according to the Robert Hare checklist. In interviews he claimed to lack emotions. He certainly lacked any remorse for his paedophilia and the effect on his victims. He was grandiose and narcissistic, cunning and manipulative. He was interested in power, money and status. Charity was the cover for his activities, in particular charities which brought him into contact with children and created the impression of his being a trustworthy, caring person.

Children's Homes

Savile, Haut de la Garenne

This photo shows Savile at the children's home Haut de la Garenne on the island of Jersey - a place he denied ever going. The home was made famous by a police investigation into child abuse and murder. Here is an article from The Guardian which gives an idea of how badly the investigation was handled by (once again) "incompetent" police. Eventually a fragment of a skull was supposedly shown to be part of a coconut shell. If you believe that, you will believe anything. Many, many abused children came forward to say that their friends at the home had just "disappeared" and that they themselves were physically, sexually and emotionally abused. David Icke, who knew about Savile for what seems like forever, has said that children were taken from Haut de la Garenne for politicians as high up as Ted Heath (former Prime Minister) to use for their sick pleasure. Ted Heath never sued about these allegations, which have been public knowledge for a long time. The thread about Savile on the David Icke forum is a great source of information on the subject. Of course we also know now that allegations made about other children's homes in the UK follow much the same pattern, of children being taken out of the institutions and sexually abused by all manner of prominent persons, most often being Freemasons.


Savile was known for his voluntary work in hospitals, working as a porter. Not only did his work give him free reign for abusing patients, but allowed him access to hospital mortuarys. Former colleague and fellow DJ Paul Gambaccini is reported by The Daily Mail (in a story published on 24 October 2012) as saying that he was also a necrophiliac. A necrophiliac is someone who has sex with dead bodies, just in case you didn't know.

Political Connections

Savile, Margaret Thatcher

Savile was friends with the Thatchers, spending 11 consecutive Christmases at Chequers with them. Thatcher's PPS (personal secretary) Sir John Morrison was (as Edwina Currie wrote in her diaries) a "noted pederast" i.e. a paedophile with an interest in young boys. Why did Thatcher enjoy spending time with paedophiles? Why did she select one to be her PPS? And don't say she can't have known! In much the same way as the royals, the intelligence services will have known everything about their activities. The Queen saw fit to knight both these men, Savile and Morrison!

Savile, Blair

Despite what was known about Savile, his light burned brightly under every administration, left or right. This tells you a lot about how our supposedly "opposing" political parties operate and why things in this country stay much the same no matter who is in power.

Royal Connections

Savile, Prince Charles, Kilts

Prince Charles visited Savile at his cottage in Glencoe and there are many photos of them spending time together. Even though Savile's behaviour when he visited St James's Palace was a cause for "concern and suspicion" (see The Guardian, 7 November 2012) apparently nobody ever thought to complain? Charles even sent him a box of cigars and a pair of gold cufflinks on his 80th birthday, with a note that read "Nobody will ever know what you have done for this country Jimmy. This is to go some way in thanking you for that.". What exactly was it that Jimmy did that so endeared him to the royal family?

Savile, Prince Charles

Another nauseating photo which shows jug ears with Savile, apparently the best of friends. Birds of a feather flock together, and all that...

Savile, Bruno, Charles

All pals... for some reason Frank Bruno is with Savile (again) and Prince Charles. That bizarre masonic handshake thang is going on. These people seem to mix in the same old circles.
Edit: 23 November 2012, a photo has been found proving Bruno to be a Freemason, see end of article. UPDATE: 20 February 2013. According to The Sun, 7 February 2013, Father McSweeney, the priest who presided over Frank Bruno's wedding was arrested in connection with a VIP paedophile ring (the Elm Guest House scandal).

Savile, Prince Charles

Just how did Savile get away with wagging his finger at a royal like that? WTF is going on?

Diana Princess of Wales, Savile

In the same Guardian article, we are told that Jimmy was also a trusted adviser to Charles & Di during their marital difficulties. *cough, splutter* Unless they LIKED and respected him, he would never have had this amount of influence.

Incidentally, Savile was not the only paedophile friend of Prince Charles. It has recently emerged that "loyal friend" Rt Rev Peter Ball has been arrested as part of a police investigation into paedophilia in the Church of England. (Ref: The Guardian, 13 November 2012)

Rt Rev Peter Ball, Prince Charles

Religious Connections

Jimmy Savile receiving a papal knighthood for his charity works. Barf. We know all about those priests and their kiddy fiddling, stands to reason why they loved Savile so much.

Freemasonry & Satanism

Jimmy Savile was a Knight of Malta, in addition to his two knighthoods, OBE and honorary degrees. This is how we reward paedophiles in our society. At present the Wikipedia pages on Freemasonry say that the degree of Knight of Malta is "is universally associated with the Masonic Knights Templar". It IS a Masonic honour and Savile was a high-ranking Freemason. When are we going to grow up enough as people to understand that our world is controlled by these evil criminals? They are in the police force, judiciary, media, social services, clergy AND royalty. Not all police officers are freemasons, for example, but the higher up they are in the force, the more likely they are to be so. There are enough in key positions to effectively control society. This explains the cover-ups and tolerance of other "brothers" wrong-doings. Whilst Freemasonry at the lower levels may be little more than a dinner club at the higher degrees it is pure evil. I would urge anyone who has reached this far in the article to investigate the connections between Freemasonry and Satanism.

UPDATE: 20 February 2012

13 January 13 - Sunday's Express confirms at least TWO of Savile's victims were abused in a Satanic Ceremony. Copy of the Front Page here.

20 January 2013 - Another Express story about a Savile victim, reporting being raped on an altar, in a "Black Mass" Satanic Ceremony.

Jimmy Jones Outlaw blog, reproduces a key posting from the "Daffodil Rites" blog. Daffodil Rites is the blog of an alleged long-term victim of Savile, who describes an organised Satanic paedophile network.

Daffodil Rites itself, which is a lengthy but intriguing read as described above.

Real Whitby Magazine is a local publication producing some outstanding journalism regarding Savile's links with Scarborough, where his mother "The Duchess" lived and he frequently visited. Yet more police cover-ups and connections with paedophiles, and Satanists are revealed:


Savile, Jaconelli and others were involved in satanism and used a house in Whitby which had a room known as “the rituals or functions room”, or “the chamber”, equipped with a whipping-post, black candles and a painted pentagram.

The national press also confirmed the allegations, first made by “Corruption Busters”, that Savile was involved in sexual offences connected with Satanism and sadism. The description of the room used for one of these sessions in Stoke Mandevile Hospital in the article is very similar to the description of the room in Whitby used by Savile and Jaconelli, given to Nigel Ward by local witnesses."

Satanic Ritual Abuse involves paedophilia, murder, necrophilia and every manner of defilement imaginable. The photos below show Jimmy Savile's funeral, clearly attended by men wearing Masonic garb.

Savile, Freemason

Savile, Freemasonry

As promised, the photo of Frank Bruno proving him to be a Freemason:

Frank Bruno Freemason

A short video summarising the similarities between Masonic initiation / ceremonies and Witchcraft / Satanic ceremonies.