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Corruption in the Police Force

UK Police Farce!

Welcome to the start of a page about corruption in what should be the least corrupt of all professions. It is a long time since I was a girl, in a small Northern town, where our local bobby PC Challinor, rode around on a bicycle. Nice bloke, PC Challinor! Sadly the same cannot be said about most of the boys in blue these days.

It will be a while before I can gather together all my resources, but fair to say Plebgate was not the only story to hit the press lately.

Some interesting links to begin with:

A Guardian report into allegations of corruption by force, as reported by the highly corrupt IPCC (Independent Police Complaints Commission). The IPCC may as well be named Independent Police Coverups Commission! However, this report does paint a picture of widespread corruption. 8,542 reports of corruption were received between 2008-2011.

Drunk officer Danny Dance was put to bed by a prisoner he was meant to be supervising. Daily Mail, 12 February 2013. Interestingly, the prisoner was an informant, who had been allowed to use a variety of drugs owing to his special status.

Unprofessional Standards Department reports on police corruption in the West Yorkshire Police. One of their correspondents (a young female named Felicity) has received threatening emails from them! UPSD also report on paedophiles within the force who have helped coverup for the activities of other offenders.

Chris Spivey's blog contains an article saying that UK police do not have to be CRB checked. This is true, but it is also true that police commit crimes and remain in their jobs. In some cases, people with criminal records are recruited. theTruth knows of at least one incident where a person was arrested by a police officer who he knew to have a criminal record! This article also contains data regarding officers who have been convicted of misconduct of one sort or another, along with those currently in the dock. There are an alarming number of these!

The Guardian, 20 September 2012 reports on the IPCC's findings that there are "sexual predators" within the ranks who have abused vulnerable men and women they have met whilst on duty. Yet another sickening twist to police corruption.

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