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E-Petitions - Creating the Lie of "Democracy"

It is nice to think we can change the world by signing a petition. However, no matter how many people sign these things, it is the House of Commons which eventually decide whether or not to debate the issue. So it was with the e-petition against NHS reforms. Many activists were busy squirreling away, sharing it on Facebook and getting their mates to sign it. Then the House of Commons simply decided not to bother debating it. Doubtless one of the most successful and popular e-petitions since the idea was introduced, was dropped neatly into the dustbin of history and went to the great Recycle Bin in the sky.

To quote from the Huffington Post article of 28/2/2012 :

"MPs will not be granted a special debate on the government's controversial health reforms on the floor of the Commons, despite an e-petition calling for them to be scrapped gaining more than 160,000 signatures.

The cross-party Commons backbench business committee, which allocates days for MPs to debate topical issues, decided on Tuesday to devote its one remaining day, 7 March, to a different issue - citing a lack of available time."

So, as is usual in our fake democracy, the thoughts and wishes of 160,000 people were brushed aside. What's more, the government has the names and addresses of everyone who disagrees with NHS reforms and who they might consider to be one of those interfering busy-bodies that would be better off watching X-Factor and keeping their noses out of parliamentary matters. Now THAT, my friends, is data warehousing!