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Brian Gerrish - Disinformation Agent & Military Intelligence Shill?

Brian Gerrish

When I first came across Brian Gerrish and the UK Column, I was over-joyed to find that there was someone who knew about the treatment we were receiving at the hands of our local Social Services. We were not alone! It validated our experiences and gave me hope that there was an organised campaign against the "Child Stealing by the State" that he talks about. These days I am more aware that if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Brian Gerrish, I am afraid to say, has upset me more than all the Social Workers with their bogus befriending tactics and their Common Purpose bosses. The lion's share of what Gerrish talks about is true, but he has his own agenda - and I suspect, political aspirations.

There are several reasons to be suspicious of Mr Gerrish, but the worst of these is his attitude to victims that come to him hoping he will be able to make productive use of their suffering. When I first got proof of the Stasi-like snooping that Social Worker Richard Hodgkiss had been doing, along with evidence that our carer had been spying on us for them, I thought "Great! I can take this to Brian Gerrish!". I naively assumed he would be interested in publishing solid PROOF of the kind of behaviour he talks about. There is no gagging order on me, which I made clear to him. Sadly, I have had not even a single word of a reply from him. He seems to prefer concentrating on cases where there is very little proof, or the parents are gagged.

Now, Brian may make the excuse that he is overworked or extremely busy, but I'd be willing to bet money that he could staff a helpline with volunteers, if not afford a member of staff to deal with all the enquiries he gets from distressed parents. Yet he does not do this. I get the distinct impression that his interest in these matters is a 'means to an end'. He does not seem to have much empathy for the victims. I must point out that I am far from the only parent who has been disappointed in him. On Facebook, I have come across other parents who have had no response to their enquiries.

Barbara Richards, who blogs as Zoompad, has also had disappointing interactions with Gerrish. She wrote:

"I am a survivor of the Staffordshire Pindown child abuse (anyone who doubts it is welcome to contact me and I will show them proof, or they can contact Brian Gerrish who still has some of my paperwork that I stupidly entrusted to him, when I was under the delusion that he actually gave a damn about victims of Pindown child abuse before I realised that he is just another user with a political agenda"

There is every reason to suspect Gerrish of being an Military Intelligence plant, or someone pursuing a political career post the glorious revolution which may come. I am not the only one who thinks it, as the RevolutionHarry blog also contains an entry titled "Pied Pipers of the Truth Movement - Brian Gerrish". UPDATE: 20 February 2013. Yet another blogger (Digger for Truth) has come to the same conclusions writing an article called "10 Reasons Why I am Sure Brian Gerrish is a Shill".

There are other reasons to think Gerrish is not what he claims to be:


It is incredibly difficult to find information about his background, apart from that he used to be in the Navy. This in itself is a red flag in terms of possible Military Intelligence involvement. He seems to have appeared from nowhere.


He blames much of the corruption in the UK on an organisation called Common Purpose. Although I agree that it is a pernicious influence, I would say that Freemasonry is a far worse one. Gerrish is curiously quiet regarding Freemasonry.


He also likes to blame anyone or anything with communist associations. Britain is a very conservative country, with both a small and a large 'C'. It is almost like he has fashioned himself to be the natural successor should there be any sort of revolution. Again, he ignores terms like "Shadow Government", Illuminati, New World Order and seems to focus squarely on The Reds. Most of his publicity material is rather patriotic, uses the Union Jack and aims at the Conservative audience. He wears a suit to appeal to those seeking a rational, respectable "leader". Most people in the Truth movement are aware that issues of capitalism / communism are irrelevant as no matter which flavour of government is elected the leaders and prominent politicians are all bought and paid for.


He is in favour of keeping the parliamentary system. For me, this is also a huge red flag. Most revolutions do not achieve very much because they do not dismantle the corrupt system, but simply recreate it. Most of his campaigns are the same, e.g. the one to disband the IPCC (Independent Police Complaints Commission), which he proposes to replace (with something incredibly similar).


Dodgy campaigns. There is something fishy about the Hollie Greig campaign and I am not totally sure what it is. I do believe that she was abused, but have reservations about how a Down's Syndrome girl with poor hearing can remember the names of her high-flying abusers. Possibly she had some help from her mother (Anne Greig) learning these names. I also question whether Anne allowed the abuse to happen for some time, then wanted it stopped as the physical evidence of the assaults was becoming too obvious and she risked being implicated. Uncertain, but Gerrish's lot are very keen to stifle any (healthy) debate and those who have asked legitimate questions are being labelled as having "mental health issues" and "needing to be sectioned".

In conclusion, I can only say that I have huge doubts about him, despite finding the videos that he has made useful. Once again, I say, the best lies are very near to the Truth.