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A Beginner's Guide to the Global Conspiracy

After the illegal war in Iraq began and my enthusiasm for Tony Blair's Labour government wore off, I began to wonder about politics. It seemed to me that though different people were in power, nothing much ever changed. It was as though political parties were the Left and Right feet of the same person, plodding on. Despite what the suffragettes did to win the vote for women, I was left feeling that voting was irrelevant. Who was there to vote for if you didn't want war? I mean, in terms of a party that stood a chance of being elected. I had also begun to notice that we don't really have a democracy. Do we get the chance to vote over whether or not we should go to war? Or even whether or not we should join the EU? Every promise a government has made about referrenda has been broken. In other countries where this has been tried, the governments just keep making the people vote again, until they get the desired result.

Government in this country is a self-perpetuating entity. There has been no electoral reform in terms of "proportional representation" as vaunted by the Liberals. The present government (2012) is no more Liberal than the Thatcher government I grew up under. It seeks to serve itself and actually PREVENT CHANGE. What's worse, almost every country is the same. America is the same. Only their politicians are slightly more glamourous - and slightly more obviously actors.

I had long been cynical and semi-awake, but Truths appeared in my own life which were hard to accept. Around 8 years ago, becoming increasingly sick with arthritis and unable to continue working, I went to a GP and asked what did I do now? It took ages to apply for all the different benefits, some of which I had to apply for repeatedly and seek help with. It became obvious to me that it was deliberately made difficult. It offended my sense of fairness, because I desperately wanted to work and couldn't. Yet I was treated like a liar by every official I came into contact with. The worst was when I had to go for an interview with an Occupational Therapist in order to get a disabled travel pass. She confided in me "You know, we do watch you in the foyer before you come into the appointment, to see if you are pretending". I was horrified. How naive I was before I became sick! These days, I am used to being treated like this, but I am still cross about how often I have to fill in forms - it seems that I do more paperwork now than when I was employed.

Years passed and I had my daughter. It was like The Wizard of Oz... I started to see behind the curtain. I had time to notice all the bizarre things going on. To see that the "little people" were being used and abused. Sincere people, being manipulated into doing things by their cleverer bosses. For example, the Health Visitors and Playgroup Leaders who believe they are protecting children by training in safeguarding, when they are really just throwing parents to the wolves. Those trying to do a good job in Social Services or the Police Force and having their efforts thwarted by the evil few.

Its been going on for a long time and I will tell you why. It dates back to the beginning of civilisation. The ultimate symbol of how the world works is the pyramid. It represents what the world truly is - the "farming" of the people of the earth, by those at the very top. Most of us are at the bottom two tiers of the pyramid, being ripped off, worked to death, used and abused. To keep us happy, they give us "bread and circuses", i.e. plenty of food and X Factor to watch. The Masonic pyramid is actually on the back of the American dollar bill. The latin words under the pyramid translate as "New World Order" which is the part of the plan for humanity that those at the top of the pyramid are trying to bring to fruition. New World Order means
One World Government.

The pyramid symbol belongs to an organisation which is the cause of most human woes - the Freemasons. For those of you who don't know, the Freemasons are a secret society, who pretend that they are basically a glorified dinner club that raise money for charity. And this is how they appear to the majority of their members. Those at the lower levels never see what happens higher up the pyramid. They are content that they may get more business from other "brothers" and they enjoy drinking together. However, the higher up in the organisation it gets, the more "secrets" are revealed.

It is impossible to find out who is, or is not a Freemason. Secrecy is part of the reason that they are able to exert such power in the world. Over the years, it ocassionally comes out that some high-ranking individual in the police is a Freemason. In a court of law, the judges normally rule that this is "irrelevant" to whatever case is at hand. Of course, it is always possible that the judge himself is a Freemason. Part of the pledge given by those joining the society is that they cover for each other. There are Freemasons as high up in society as can possibly be imagined.

There are lots of books written about Freemasonry and resources too numerous to mention on the internet. Google it, if you are interested. But I will tell you some of the "secrets" of Freemasonry that I already know. At the higher levels of Freemasony one of the "secrets" is that we live in a dualistic world, where there is good and evil, black and white, rich and poor. As such, it is necessary to do bad deeds and commit evil acts. Essentially, Freemasonry offers a Luciferian understanding of life, which in simpler terms is Satanism. Much of the symbolism of Freemasonry revolves around duality, black and white, and understanding the architecture of life (hence the compasses).There are other secret societies that play a part in the global conspiracy, e.g. The Shriners, and many "business" and "political" organisations that are a front (The Bilderberg Group, Common Purpose). Most successful businesses and persons, in almost all spheres are either a part of it, or so aware (and frightened) of it that they simply go along with it. This is a world in which courageous people often end up dead.

Here is a short video showing the similarities between Masonic ceremonies and Witchcraft / Satanism:

I could go on, but now is the time to say "do your own research". You know how to use Google. The TV and newspapers are owned by people who do not want you to know the truth, but the internet, for now is still FREE.